Monday, November 5, 2012

Half of Fifty

Even though we were super happy when Lewis arrived on November 2,
Michael was a little sad about it.

If Lewis waited one more day, he would be born on his uncle's birthday!
And Michael was convinced that if this happened,
they had to name the baby after him.

Close, Michael, very close. Maybe next child.

Of course we had blueberry coffee cake in the morning!
Michael loves this stuff more than anything.

First it was doughy. Then it was burned.

He still loved it more than anything :)

(And don't mind those paint samples taped to the wall...
that is just me practicing my new DIY definition and thinking this paint project through.
Actually, do mind them. And help me choose.)

We had big plans for the birthday, which included the Indianapolis Zoo and all its glory.

Unfortunately, some clouds had big plans for the day, too,
and they dumped on us all day.

But that's ok, we'll take a rain check! Literally.

That night, we went with some friends to the Pacers vs. Kings game.

We were hoping for a Jimmer sighting...which we did get, 
but only because they put him on the jumbotron next to a picture of Paul Ryan
during the "politician look-a-like" bit.
Other than that, no playing time for our P-town hero.

We're still rooting for him.

Then, we went to the Naylors house to bust out the birthday cake!
After he blew out all the candles he said,
"Oh....I forgot to make a wish."

This made me sad for him,
but that's coming from a girl who wishes on every first star,
every 11:11, every railroad track crossing (feet up, fingers crossed),
and every yellow (sometimes red) light.

There's always next year, Michael.

And that was his happy 25!

I'm so glad this guy was born.
So, so, so very glad.

p.s. do you love our free shirts? XLs all around, everyone in the whole place!

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