Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sticks and Sticky Buns

Here are a few of our favorite things we've made at our house lately.

First up: the infamous popsicle table.

We finally made it to the end, people.
That right there is over 700 popsicle sticks, 
coming together to make something they probably never thought they'd be.

And that's a totally fair assumption on their part.

Thanks to Michael and his dad for cutting out the tops and bottoms!
And yes, those are plural, because the plan was to make two tables.
First I just need a little bit more of a popsicle stick sabbatical, please.

Last Sunday I made something far less time consuming, and much more tasty...

Mmm. I want another round after looking at this picture!
and Sunday just needed some cinnamon rolls.

I actually also found a "healthy version" of the Clone of a Cinnabon recipe.
..........Maybe next time.

And last on my little list is the thing I am most proud of making every day.

And that's making it to work on time.
Bless carpooling and the inevitable punctuality responsibility it puts on me.
Here's a little picture of our downtown commute, pre-time change. 

It felt like we drove to the city in the middle of the night, every morning.

Getting out of bed feels like the hardest part of my day,
so I try to get it over with before I do anything else.

Michael is wonderful.
In my funemployed days, I'd make him a lunch in the mornings and send him on his way.

But now that we both leave at the same time,
I kind of go with the rule that whoever finishes doing their hair first has to make lunch.

Typically (every single day), that's him. He's the best.

We love driving to work and school together,
with another grad student in our ward.

p.s. We just got home from Lincoln. Have you seen it?
It put me in a biography-reading mood.
But first, this and this for Book Club.

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  1. Maddie! Wow, the tables your are making, amazing! If I were a popcicle stick, I too would not of thought I would be used for that either! That is so cool and unique! I wanted a bite of your cinnamon rolls as I looked and read about them ;)


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