Thursday, January 10, 2013

In Which I Confess My Grammar Addiction.

Confession: This girl is one of my best friends. 
Another one of my best friends that doesn't even know we're friends, admittedly.
I have this weird love for Grammar Girl and all her self-described "quick and dirty" tips.

Do you ever just stop and wonder things like...
"Wait, is it further or farther?"
"Is dinner totally burned or burnt?"
Maybe you "could care less" about a blog post on grammar,
but that kinda means you're enjoying this.

Maybe you don't have grammar questions pop into your head when you burn dinner.
And maybe you don't edit everything you read in your mind.
It's cool. Some days I envy you.

But if you DO share in my grammatical distractions,
then you can read the answers to those little wonders below.
And you can Google your way to Grammar Girl's answers for your future questions, 
and love all of her ways to remember things.


Further vs. Farther: Farther is physical distance, while further is metaphorical. Think "far" means actually far away. I won't go into it further, but there's a little more to it.

Burned vs. Burnt: Sometimes both words win in a vs. battle. This one kind of just depends on where you live -- burned is more common in the U.S., but things tend to be more "burnt" in London town. 

Could vs. Couldn't Care Less: Sometimes you hear people say they could care less about [insert something they're trying to convey complete apathy about here]. But if they COULD care less, there's still a little bit of care left there, right? It's just a saying that has become increasingly incorrect over time...but I guess most people couldn't care less about it.

Well. Thanks for sharing this nerd moment with me.

And here are her top ten grammar myths and A Word Lover's Highlight of 2012
and her top five tips from someone who loves her as much as I do and....k, I'm done.

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  1. Love it! Totally get this, and wow would you get along well with one of my sister's in particular. She was an English teacher, and she is my grammar go-to girl! Yes, I do think such thoughts sometimes. I'm sure you correct my grammar too though, I've noticed that I am getting worse and worse as a mother of small ones! :)


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