Monday, January 21, 2013


1. He makes us lunch every morning - the best peanut butter and honey sandwiches I've ever had (really though). And he always gives himself the end piece.

2. He lets us have flannel sheets on the bed even though I can tell he kind of hates them.

3. He made it until last Saturday without ever getting a speeding ticket. :)

4. He works harder than anyone I know. Dental school's got nothing on him.

5. When he had MLK Day off school but I had to go to work, he did my LEAST favorite chore in the world. Our kitchen floor never looked so good. ('s never looked this good. I'm the worst.)

6. He says hilarious things in his almost-sleep.

7. He's going to get me a puppy someday. (And he will be its favorite.)

8. He plays hard with kids. They think it's the best.

9. He doesn't even know how good he is...because he has never thought of being any other way.

And those are just nine (9) of the MANY reasons I love this man.

Happy nine months of marriage!


  1. Impossible as it sounds, I think both of you married up. Love, Dad

  2. Yay! Happy nine months! You guys are the best!!

  3. Oh man, Mom just read this. She liked it. (Guess I'm gonna have to try to come
    up with 423 instead of 9...424 by Valentines Day. Oh well, given sufficient time I
    KNOW I could do it.) Love, Dad


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