Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life Lately.

There has been some post-holiday blues around here.
We just looked forward to time with both our families for so long, you know?
And now it's that long and sometimes bleak January-February stretch before the sun comes back,
and our orange tree can move back outside 
(since it is currently next to our bed, and by next to I mean looming over).

But, gotta face it. So we put away all our Christmas decorations.
It took all of six minutes. 
Could have been four if I didn't color coordinate the repackaging of all 24 of our ornaments...
But I wanted to stretch out the last of the holidays, you know?

And really it's not all that bluesy around here....like, look at this:

We finally bought a lamp! After six months of a dark living room, 
we decided it was time. More like, we finally found a lamp that was less than $30.
So, let there be light! Along with the realization that we have never dusted the vent above said lamp.
Whoops. Whatevs, just look how bright and beautiful. 

We went gluten-free vegetarian for like a second and made these this week.
Sweet potato black bean enchiladas...who knew?
We actually really liked them. Probably because we doubled the cheese on top?
Whatevs again.

We are enjoying our Christmas presents around here, too.
My little niece picked out a scarf holder for me, 
she loved going through all my scarves when I lived with her.
The best part is, now that they're all organized it seems like 
I need to go work on completing my collection!


My nephew picked out Michael's Christmas present,
and he loves it.
Our new bamboo friend lives on our table,
one of the few spaces in our humble abode that doesn't have a plant.
I thought we were pretty maxed out and in a good place the other day,
right before Michael said, "I need some more plants."
The fruit flies all agreed.
I'm in the minority around here...
(Still paint samples on the wall, I know...but don't worry, THIS is happening soon!)

Monday sent us back into the routine,
work and school and carpools full of political discussions and Sarah Bareilles sing alongs 
(in which I'm the only one singing).
I texted Michael to see how his day at school was going,
and he sent back the picture above. Some days I wonder about dental school.

And for a bonus: Yet another National Geographic penguin Instagram that just made my day.

Do you see the wide eyes of that clumsy bird?
If that can't kick post-holiday blues, then nothing will.

We're doing just fine. Just fine indeed.

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  1. I'm obsessed with that grey wall! I may or may not copy you in my bedroom. I love it!!!


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