Monday, January 28, 2013

Pets and Projects

Weekend, why are you so quick?

I had quite a productive weekend though,
if you count completely optional but fun projects that really don't need to be done as productive.
And I do.

Plus, it needs to be known that I completed two successful Pinterest projects
that didn't require Michael's involvement. Holla.

The first one required me to print a piece of paper,
and use a hole punch. And, that's it.
Whatevs, count it.
I couldn't bring myself to throw away any of the cute Christmas cards we got this year,
so it was a good solution. Now we'll put them out each Christmas and enjoy them again!

The next one has been on my mental project list for a while,
because for some reason I'm attracted to tedious crafts...
Some call it bad judgment. I'll call it ambition.
These cute and tiny (synonyms, almost always) magnets are up on our fridge,
from my Instagram photos. I made about 40, and I'm thinking I'll do another round in a while.

And you guys...we've been adopted.
By the cutest little cat ever.

We don't even really like cats? But we also just really want a pet, and we can't have one in our apt.
Nothing wrong with a frequent visitor though, right?
She comes around the same time almost every day, and just hangs out for a while.
Maybe we bought her some cat food. But we're still in the non-committal stage, don't worry.
I mean, we named her kitty. So that's proof of that. 
If you can't tell...Michael really likes her.

She sat just like that outside our bathroom door the whole time he was in the shower yesterday.
And they're both fast asleep on that couch, perfectly content.

I'm more of a bed person, so I left the party.


But I won't lie, I like her too. She's still pretty young, and super cuddly. We're not attached...
Ok, kind of.

Which is why today, when she didn't come around, we set some food outside in case she came by.

Then while we were sitting at the table, we heard her eating outside our door.
I was so glad to see her! So I pulled back our curtains and looked down.........

Yeah, NOT kitty. This really happened. 
Possums are SO SO gross. It didn't even care that we were inches from it right there,
it just went on eating cat food like a jerk.

Michael unlocked the door, so it ran off. And I just shuddered when I wrote about the experience.

Sick nasty.

Other happenings of the weekend included THIS makeover to our kitchen wall.
I painted it grey while Michael was volunteering at a clinic on Saturday.
I had my sister and her BYU painting expertise on Skype the whole time,
I'm a little (lot) afraid of solo biggish projects. 

But it's coming along!

No one told me that painting a wall looks super streaky while it's drying
(maybe because that's common sense, but in my paranoid state I didn't realize that),
so I was pretty worried about that for a good hour.

Luckily, I convinced myself that I liked the streaky look,
so it was pretty great when it ended up all the same color! It felt like a bonus.

Now I've entered yet another tedious task, me vs. the stencil.
When my kids tell me they don't want to do their geometry homework, 
because they'll never use it in life,
I'll have so many Pinteresty examples to throw at them.
They'll probably tell me they'll STILL never use it in life,
and I'll tell them that's probably good judgment.

We had fun downtown with the Toblers on Friday night.
We went to the Symphony, then had some delicious Mexican hot chocolate right in the circle.

And then, I stayed up pushing refresh on my ESPN app until I saw this beautiful sight.

Then I went to bed happy.


  1. Oh man I laughed out loud so much, sick possum.

  2. i basically threw up when i saw that picture of the possum. GRRRRROOOOOSSSS. I hate them. I think God was having a bad day when he made those things.

    also, can you come pinterest my house?


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