Thursday, March 21, 2013

Food, lately

One of the benefits of having almost no go-to recipes before getting married is getting to try lots of new things! At BYU I lived on lemon garlic pasta, spinach, and soups. I don't think I'm supposed to force that anyone else, though... so, we've enjoyed lots of yummy new finds lately. Especially these guys:

They were delicious! Due to some unfortunate scheduling conflicts, I ended up baking these at 1:00 in the morning though...whoops! But they were so yummy, I ate two that night. They were good enough to throw all good judgment out the door. I adapted the recipe from here. They're headed to a church activity tonight, so we'll see if they are actually only delicious when you're sleep-deprived, or if they're the real deal.

I've started this Pinterest board with only recipes that I have personally tried and liked, apart from my Foodie board where I keep future adventures. I write a little note about things to change or do differently next time. It's sort of a food journal so we can start repeating recipes someday. I'll leave you with a few of my favorites from there:

Recipe here
Recipe here and here
Recipe here and here 
Recipe here, loved the pizza crust!
From my BYU Cooking Class, recipe blog here
Recipe adapted from here

And one of our VERY favorites was so good, we ate the entire pan before I remembered to take a picture. And it was supposed to last us for two days...Whoops again! It was THIS lighter version of P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps. Mmm.

What are your favorite places to find recipes online?


  1. MMMM.... they all look so yummy! Thanks for sharing. I also just started a board of recipes I have tried and liked. Much easier to keep track of that way :)

  2. I have a board like that on Pinterest too. These recipes look amazing! I love those Cheddar Biscuits...I make them like, once a week. Some of my very favorite recipes have been found and cataloged on pinterest. What did we ever freaking do without it?! I'd still be having ramen for every meal.

  3. I guess our favorite place to look for recipes would be your blog. Love it.


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