Thursday, March 28, 2013

Madness in March

How's your bracket doing? 

I don't know why I LOVE March Madness, but oh I really do. It might be because I'm a gambler at heart, but religion and good sense keeps me from going down that path. Don't go assuming the worst there - gambler at heart meaning I love love the feeling of competitive chance. Like, arcades. And games. And...well, March Madness. Innocent stuff like that. You'll remember that I've only actually really gambled $2 in my life (and lost it). So, don't worry. I'm in a good place.

My bracket, on the other hand... not so much. It started out with so much potential! I guess they all do. But still, I called all three of the 12 seed upsets. Holla! But it has only been downhill from there. I have a group competition with my coworkers, our friends in our townhome complex, our Jerusalem crew, and a family group. More groups, better odds at not coming in last across the board. Right?

So, I'm rooting hard for the 3 teams my Final Four has held onto. And I can't wait for the games tonight. Thank you, March Madness, for distracting me from the Jazz right now...


Go Indiana!

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