Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Easter is such a special time. Although we were in Jerusalem in the summer time, every group has a Seder meal led by our Judaism teacher, Ophir. I loved learning about Passover from him. Our BYU professors also taught us about the significance Passover has in Mormon history in this dispensation as well. Everything we learned that summer taught me how eternal the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is. 

There are competing sites in the Holy Land for just about every scriptural event. Below are pictures of a probable location of Christ's tomb. There is a special spirit there, whether it's the actual site of Christ's resurrection or not. Christians from all over the world walk through the gardens here, sing, study, and worship the God they know. They feel His spirit together, no matter their differences of specific beliefs.

Mathew 28:6 - "He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay."

You don't have to come and see the tomb to know that this is true. The Spirit you feel there is so special and unique, but if you pray to know that Christ lives, you will feel that same Spirit wherever you are.

This Holy Week is full of significance that needs to be remembered, and studied. My Jerusalem professor, Chad Emmett, has posted scriptural accounts of each day with pictures of Holy Land sites where sacred events happened: Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. "Awesome" Friday.

I know that Christ lives. He died for us, and now He lives again. It's because of this sacred act of the greatest love that I can live with Him again, and with my Heavenly Father, and with my family - for eternity. His Gospel has since been restored to the earth, and it teaches me how to follow Him. Living like Christ did on this earth is the best chance at happiness we have. That is exactly what He wants for us all, happiness. And through prayer, we can feel His love and guidance that helps us to achieve exactly that.

This talk by Jeffrey R. Holland, and this video below, intensely remind me what Easter truly is. They remind me how much I have to be grateful for, and how much I love, and am indebted to, my Savior Jesus Christ.


  1. I loved this post. Happy Easter!

  2. Wow Maddie! Talk about a profound post! Thank you!


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