Thursday, March 7, 2013


You know that feeling when you're doing so many things, so all of them are being done halfway? I think I'm halfway through the days that are destined to feel like that. We have been scrambling around here, all for good things. But, definitely scrambling. 

Here's Michael, halfway through studying for his big test Friday. And please note the halfway finished wall behind him - I'm pushing to be done with it by Sunday night. And then it will qualify for a post dedicated solely to it, based on man hours invested in the dang thing. (Also note the cat, who is frequently found climbing halfway up Michael's arm in full attack mode. Michael enjoys this for some reason...) 

And those Joe Joe's? 

Not halfway gone. All the way gone. Some things we don't even consider doing halfway around here, so, credit for that?

Laundry - perpetually halfway done. Once I put it in the washer, I feel accomplished. The thing is, actual accomplishment requires a few more steps, including actually putting it in the dryer. When I remember to do that step, I'm feeling even better about myself. But then comes the three other times I start the dryer because I forgot to fold the clothes before they were stuck in their wrinkly state. Because when life is in halfway mode, the iron is not coming out. 

(Let's be real, that's just a general rule in our house, no matter what mode life is in at the time.)

If I do remember to take it out of the dryer, it then lives on our bed. In a pile. Which actually also makes the clothes wrinkly ... sigh. But we're ok with it.

The true source for my current halfway lifestyle is the highly anticipated EVERYTHING sale. Saturday, people! We have so much to do...but, we're halfway there :)

We are more than that, actually. Gabby's house is currently serving as the Everything Sale warehouse, and bless her little family for that. Look at all this stuff! Her garage is full as well. They are amazing for putting up with all these awesome donations in their home. 

Last night we worked hard to sort it all into categories and start pricing. Friday night, we are packing it all up and getting ready for the big day. So many people have been dedicating hours and hours to this sale, and I admire them so much. We are all working hard on this because of how much we completely love the Farar family. And in this work, I have had multiple experiences that have shown me how much the Lord loves the Farar family, too. 

People are so generous, good, loving, and kind. Sometimes that's not the way I feel when I get done with my daily news intake. But being involved with this sale has reminded me of how good real people really are.

So, come. I think you'll enjoy feeling that reminder too :)

Here's a reminder of how you can be involved, even if you're halfway across the country.

And to all my Utah friends and family: you can do some shopping at Alta High School all day Saturday. That's where all Utah donations to The Everything Sale are being sold that day. 

Aren't you proud I didn't leave this post halfway finished?

Ok, I did. But only for a little while :)


  1. Love it. I hear you on the laundry part. Have you ever washed a load three times because you've left it in their so long it drys? Oh man... laundry... imagine have 10 kids. No don't. Ha!

  2. One Dae at a time indeed.

  3. One Dae at a time indeed.


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