Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tiny Guest

This was our little visitor this week. So.tiny.small. His name is Chase, and he's a teacup poodle with an out of town owner. He's a cutie, but I tiny small? He did a lot of sitting and shaking at our house, because I think he's basically scared of, well, life. Poor thing.
Maybe that's because he and Kitty met for a brief second and it was no bueno, at all. Kitty turned into a fierce hissing monster, and Chase ran circles around me so fast that I just feared for his tiny heart. But, I grabbed Chase, Michael herded Kitty out the door, and all is well. 

But due to our Spring Break Snowstorm, we felt bad leaving Kitty out all we put them in different rooms and prayed we'd come home to two animals alive and well.

We did. Hallelujah. I mean, if sitting and shaking is well? 

Poor little guy. I didn't know we were so scary...? He's coming to visit again soon, so maybe with less cats and more time alone he won't be as bothered. Come visit us. Maybe you're less scary than we are.

And I find it funny that in an apartment that is technically not allowed to have animals, we are slowly developing a children's petting zoo. It goes well with our bedroom greenhouse.

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