Saturday, January 10, 2009

27 Palace Court

My new neighborhood! And my new home, 27 Palace Court -- the BYU London Centre ( Just off of Hyde Park, and right by Tube stops that provide endless opportunities and way too much to do. Everyone is just settling in, but it isn't taking us long. The Centre is both school and home, with rooms that fit up to 14 girls. Bunk beds are a necessity; especially since every girl who leaves the center leaves a little piece of advice written on the bottom of the bed. While I'm falling asleep I can learn where to get the best fish and chips in town, or the greatest deal on a calling card, or read plenty of advice about making the most of this experience. And, thanks to jet lag, I can spend probably too much time laying there trying to make sense of a million inside jokes, while the Winter 2009 group starts to make 
our own.

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