Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Waffle As You Walk"

Today we explored all the shops and markets on Portobello road, the world's largest antique market. It was unbelievably busy, and full of unique people, smells and . . . stuff. There was a little waffle stand with a "Waffle As You Walk" sign, which was definitely one of the better smells on the street. We stayed as long as the cold would let us, then decided to head home when we stopped feeling as much of our bodies as you're supposed to. Waiting until that point was a bad idea, though, considering we weren't too sure how to get home! We finally made it back -- probably not in the most efficient way -- and hurried inside to get warm. Then later that night, once we had forgotten just how cold we had felt, we decided to go out again. We passed another waffle stand, and this time we couldn't refuse. Here's some of the group "waffling" as we walk, along with some random British boys who just really wanted to be in our picture.


  1. Oooo British boys! I do not feel bad about them at all! Please bring a brit back and just marry him Mad! :) Love you!!! P.S. Thanks for starting a blog!!

  2. Ha ha yeah remember how we always get things done, and we get where we want to go but some how we are so inefficient! At lease you didn't end up on some stupid random bridge! Ha ha miss you


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