Monday, January 26, 2009

Stonehenge is Still Standing

Last week's trip to Bath was definitely something I had been looking forward to, for a lot of Jane Austen-related reasons. We left bright and early -- well, as bright as London's January can be -- and went 100 miles West. The coach ride there had me torn between sleeping and staring at England's beautiful green countryside. The window won, and the scenery kept me surprisingly awake. The whole group took a tour of Roman Baths, then we had a few hours to explore the city on our own. The city itself was a perfect kind of old. We took a walk by a rugby field, the Jane Austen Museum, Nicolas Cage's house (I promise), Bath Abbey, and a fudge shop that was insanely good. I could have stayed longer, but we had to hurry off to Stonehenge!

Everyone had heard plenty of warnings about how cold it would be, but our coach driver said it was the most beautiful day he had ever seen there. It was incredible to see Stonehenge in person. It's on every screensaver here at the Centre, in a million textbooks and magazines -- seeing the real thing was definitely something.

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