Monday, January 19, 2009

London Gets a Little Wild

...and I'm not talking about my sketchy Soho experience. Here it is, the London Zoo! We almost waited until it was warmer, but I couldn't wait that long to see penguins. And yes, don't worry, we got lost on the way there. But it was totally worth it, we just ended up spending a little more time in Regent's Park than was actually necessary (famous for being the place where romance first bloomed in 101 Dalmations). Highlights of the experience: being semi-attacked by butterflies, thinking we were being semi-attacked by a fake gorilla (which is actually really scary until you realize it's fake -- then it's just embarrassing), being at the actual reptile house that Harry Potter set snakes free in, and of course just seeing penguins be penguins. I love those little guys! Definite low points of the experience: Seeing vultures attack mice, being laughed at for running away from the mice-attacking vultures, learning that over-sized jumping rats exist in the rainforest, and feeling judged by small monkeys. Here are some pictures to make you understand how fun it is to impersonate animals:

Being flamingos! They make weird noises.

Penguins! They seem so dang happy.

Blending in.

My favorite sign by far!
Trying to blend in again. Except I need stripes.
Trying to vanish the glass, Harry-style!

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  1. I'm glad you survived the butterfly attack...that can be really traumatic. Call if you need therapy! Love ya! Maria O.


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