Wednesday, January 14, 2009

London to Cambridge, and Everything Between

Every Wednesday we leave the London Centre to see the sights outside of London. This week was Cambridge, with some stops along the way. First was the site of the third-largest ancient city in Roman Britain, Verulamium. St. Alban's Cathedral was nearby, and walking to it was our first time seeing England's famous fog. As we got closer to Cambridge we made another stop at a WWII Cemetery that England gave to the United States. There were over 3,000 crosses placed in honor of those who lost their lives there, yet it is considered one of the smaller WWII cemeteries outside of the United States. Seeing all of the white crosses (with Stars of David scattered throughout it for the Jewish Soldiers) that spread in every direction was a sobering experience. We made it to Cambridge just as the fog cleared up, so the clear sky just added to the great sights around the University. The Fitzwilliam Art Museum was an interesting place to explore, and I loved walking around all the colleges and markets. We ended the day listening to Evensong at King's Chapel. Every night before dinner at the centre we all meet to hear announcements and sing Dr. Durham's own Evensong, so it was definitely fun to let professionals handle it for the day.

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