Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Americans are Loud

The Center doesn't have enough security for my taste, so we decided to go somewhere with even more. (Sarcasm. The security guards have their own personal Truman Show.) First we went to the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) and then to the Supreme Court of Israel.
I'm going to have a library in my house. It's going to be a combination of this one, and the library on Beauty and the Beast (complete with the ladder on wheels). Come visit anytime.
This is outside each of the courtrooms. The whole building had really interesting natural light, and the courtrooms are acoustically designed in a way that voices carry easily to the judge. The combination of it all made it a really interesting building.
We took a tour of the Knesset in Spanish because that was the only one going at the time we were there. Poor Michael tried hard to translate for us all, but finally we just went and asked the guard to turn on the English tape instead of the Spanish one. They looked slightly angry, like we beat some small part of the system.
That says the Supreme Court, if you can't see it. Promise.

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! In case you were wondering I just spent the last hour getting caught up on your blog! I miss you and love you so much and you are so funny and great and I will sit and look at all your pictures if you will of mine from Africa! ;) haha I feel the same way! YOU ARE THE BOMB!!


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