Thursday, June 10, 2010

Caves! Big ones, Small ones...

And yes, some that are only as big as my head. Claustrophobia = conquered.

You can't tell from this picture though, because this is Zedekiah's cave and it's particularly roomy. We have to visit 30 bible sites for our Old Testament class, read about what happened there, write it all up and turn it in soon. So Zedekiah's cave made the top 30!
We take a lot of jumping pictures here. ("We'll always be sure to give you time on field trips to take your narcissistic jumping pictures." -Bro. Hamblin.) I decided to boycott this one.
Danger! This one is just pretend though, but Lisa found real danger at the Red Sea last week. Sliced her foot open on coral between snorkeling adventures...just got chills again. Sharks smell blood, and they say there's no sharks there but I was still keeping my eye out after that. More on that trip later!

Micah's Cave was considerably less roomy than Zedekiah's. Meet Amanda, my fellow claustrophobe. Together we have conquered the pyramids, this here cave, and as of Monday, Hezekiah's tunnel. I didn't even mind the tunnel, so I think my fear really is being conquered!

Taking pictures in a cave is a good time because you'll never know how they'll turn out. Pitch black until the flash, so sometimes the people next to you are actually doing something completely different than what you think (thank you Scott). Or maybe you don't even know the person with your camera is taking a picture yet (see above).

And this cave (also roomy) was extremely fun to sing hymns in. It was so fun that I decided I didn't want to be translated just yet.
I don't remember the name of this cave...there have been a lot of them lately. But all the musically talented people in our group revealed themselves that day and sang songs for us inside :)

The roomie! Ali. I love her, except for when she makes me laugh extremely hard in class, which is a regular occurence. Ok, I love her then too.

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