Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day in the Bible Life

Bible Day! We went to Neot Kedumim to do some hands on biblical stuff. Jud volunteered me to be Rebekah and draw water from the well.

I volunteered Jud to be my camel. They gave him a leash.

Herding sheep is NOT easy. I don't know how Babe did it. We split up into groups and had to move this herd from one circle to another. I was distracted by the confused goat the whole time, but we learned later that the goat is actually the trick to it all -- the sheep like to follow it. Doesn't make sense.
I may have resorted to pushing. One of our many ineffective methods.
We had better luck with making pitas! They smelled better than the sheep, too. We also saw an olive press in action, a threshing floor, a wine press, cisterns, water wheels that looked like life-size hamster toys, and.....COWS! I love cows. More than my sister does, even though she'll deny it. My milk addiction puts me in first place, Ali.

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