Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cramming? Maybe.


Ask me anything about the Islamic months. Or jihad. Or the partitioning plans of the Middle East. Or how to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Or how good me and Allison are getting at fussball because of our frequent (and almost deserved) study breaks.

Just don't ask me how many hours I'm sleeping these days. I think my nights can be classified as naps.

See you next week, Galilee.

1 comment:

  1. Fussball? Hm...is that anything like Fooseball?
    Maybe something you play when you're in a bad mood? Or during finals? I dunno. Oh wait.
    I'm back. I Googled it. Fooseball, Foozeball, Fuseball, and yes, even Fussball--all names for the same game--Table Football. So who knew? OK, sorry Mad, guess I'll have to tease you some other way some other time. Love, Daad


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