Friday, June 18, 2010

Under the Sea

Our wonderful Out-of-Center Activities Committee (I love the random jobs here) planned a trip to Eilat for some Red Sea snorkeling. I don't have a great relationship with water, but I wanted to see a real life Dory. My dear roommate Allison was very patient and taught me all the ropes of snorkeling. It did not come naturally...but we were successful.
My love for weird signs is only getting stronger here. This one says no diving gear in the shower, but I felt like the picture was just telling me I wasn't allowed to spear fish. This wasn't a problem because I only tried to catch them Mulan-style, trapping them with one swift grab. That game ended the second I found out that the fish actually didn't mind contact with me. I was kind of ok with it if I touched the fish, but once they started touching me it was a whole different story.

I think a big part of my snorkleing abilities came from the fact that you can't sink in the Red Sea even if you tried to. The salt does way more work than you do. We saw fish of pretty much every color, and I saw one that was so long and skinny that I'm convinced it was an eel. A friendly one though, because no one got electrocuted. Made me think of Princess Bride. Some people even saw an octopus! And some people split their foot open disgustingly deep. Ok, actually just Lisa. And now she uses a cane and I call her Gordon because she rocks it just like cute old Pres. Hinckley did.

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  1. You are awesome for taking on all your fears! I am glad you are having so many fun experiences there. I don't understand why they will not let you spear fish in the shower. :)


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