Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look, sometimes we do our hair.

Wednesday night was the first of our two talent shows this semester. This one was "formal" which resulted in only musical talents. Every other talent people thought of sharing somehow ended up in the informal classification, so I'm excited for that show in a few weeks. I accompanied Grace (Miss Orem people, she's a big deal) in a beautiful Italian song, she blew everybody away.
Left to right: Ricki, Becky, Nick, Me, Mike, Jillian, Christian, Heather, Adam
This octet has some good times during practice. And sometimes we sing :) We sang "The Pilgrim's Song" and I'm in LOVE with it. Look up the lyrics. Ponder them. I'm trying to upload a video at the end of this post (thereby making everyone mad because the internet kind of stinks here, but they will just assume it's the Skypers faults...). If it doesn't work, I'll upload it when I go to Hebrew University this week. I'm going to interview a student over there for an Old Testament assignment, the trip has nothing to do with a facebook craving. Except people keep posting embarrassing things on each other's walls here so that everyone will eventually have to cave and go check their facebook. Low blow.

All the performers! Including Brother Whipple himself, the man is incredible on the organ. He has a doctorate in Organ Performance. Did you even know you can do that? He's our very own Phantom, sometimes he rocks out on that thing and it's the only thing that gets me through long hours of class. Bless him, and his darling wife.


  1. I never heard of "The Pilgrim's Song". You guys sounded amazing. You will have to sing it for us when you get home. :)

  2. Looks so beautiful with the lights of Jerusalem below outside the window. What a view that must be. Thanks again for your Fathers Day call! Love, Dad


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