Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

Happy Easter! Yesterday. We loved Easter weekend. Michael's sister drove down from Des Moines with her cute family, including their NEW baby boy. Ethan is adorable. I realized when we got home that we didn't take any pictures with him! I just stared at him any time I was holding him, because he's that precious. I wish I would have remembered to take a really need to see his cute face.

On Saturday Madeline and Jocelyn took us to Rural King to show us the baby chicks and little easter bunnies. They followed the little feet trail all through the store and knew right where to go. The chicks were so cute! So fluffy. So tiny. Maybe we need chickens? Wait no, we really should not add to our zoo.

Michael brings out the wild side in all nieces and nephews. He claims to not do it on purpose, but I think he loves it. Exhibit A, up above. Exhibits B-Z will be shown after our Florida trip with all 10 nieces and nephews in June.

Last time we rode horses we were all bundled up and riding through a white wonderland. It was so fun to ride knowing that Spring really is on its way. I think. I hope.

I love watching Sadie dog run along with us while we ride. It's like she's the happiest thing in the world while she just runs ahead and behind, chasing deer or nothing at all. It's almost as fun as watching her chase bubbles, but that's another story.

We came home and realized that the Easter Bunny had hid eggs all over the yard! Jo and Madeline did a good job at finding every last one. Then they did a good job of eating jelly beans for dinner. Holidays are the best.

Two Madeline girls, ready for Easter Sunday! We loved spending the weekend with family. Evansville is such a fun getaway from work and school. We watched home movies and the Life of Pi, ate so much good food, and just had fun spending time together. Now we're more than ready for Spring to get here and stay here! Thanks for the wonderful weekend, Daetwylers!

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  1. Maddie, I love your blog! I should be sleeping, but I just spent the last hour reading it instead. Wished I could have been there this weekend. I also wish that we lived in the same apartment building; you are so fun. I think we would be best friends! Make sure you remind my brother what a lucky guy he is:) Love you!


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