Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best Day.

I planned on posting all about Thunder Over Louisville and our fun weekend in Kentucky... but we have to interrupt previously scheduled programming for an important announcement. Important as in, absolutely made my day and made me dance around and around. 

Today I won two tickets to the TAYLOR SWIFT concert this Friday! And two backstage passes! Thank you thank you to Keds for sending us to to the show and giving us the backstage tour.

There was a time in our lives when Michael loved Taylor Swift more than I did, it's true. But that was long before "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" which almost took away his fan card. Me playing it on repeat while cleaning could be to blame for that. . .

But don't worry, we're both big fans still. I just admit it a little more freely than he does. We both just love how Taylor Swift knows how to be famous while maintaining who she is and what she stands for. Apparently that's harder than any of us realize, because so few stars manage that. I just think she's refreshing. And who doesn't love her lyrics? Don't try to tell me there isn't at least one Taylor Swift song out there that hasn't hit you, or hasn't made you sing loud in the car on that I-15 stretch driving home after finals and feeling like there is nothing you'd rather be doing than driving that road and heading home and...ok wait, that one's probably just me.

I'm excited.

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