Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Our tiny guest is back. And this visitor had some visitors yesterday. They thought he was just about the coolest thing ever. He thought they were huge and stressful. Like I said, we think he's afraid of life...poor thing. 

Our little cat is better off knowing this tiny guy doesn't exist...their brief meeting taught us that much. So she just chilled outside during this visit and had a picnic. Thomas kept running from the puppy's bed to our back door to look at the cat, and back to the puppy. It further convinced me that our house is a zoo. 

Maybrie insisted on sharing her doll with little Chase. He seemed semi-interested, maybe because the doll is his same size. She loved petting him and she almost loved holding him. Our house has never been so fun! Normally kids come over and look around in desperation for a toy...and they don't find one. We are the boring couple around these parts.

Once Chase settled down from his eventful day (back to just minimal shaking), we gave him some space and a treat. I think they're one in the same for that one, actually. Then kitty came back over, looking slightly suspicious... but I distracted her with laundry:

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