Monday, April 29, 2013

To My Mom.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about this weekend...including the Taylor Swift concert! Tomorrow I'll tell you about how much fun it was and how I miraculously ended up with 6 tickets that night (making four happy friends and a good sport of a husband). And maybe I'll tell you about my first experience making curry with tofu in it, or my first experience making homemade yogurt (seriously). Later this week I might tell you more about my new love affair with coconut oil. Or maybe my new love affair with steam mops (ok, not this one, because that would be lame...but have you experienced them?). Maybe I'll tell you about my old love affair with Skype with some hilarious quotes from my niece as a bonus.

But today, I just want to tell you about my mom.

It's her birthday. And she is wonderful. Isn't she beautiful in this picture from her BYU days?

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you!

We had so much fun being part of your surprise party from a few states away yesterday. I hope you keep celebrating all day today!

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