Friday, April 19, 2013

Good good music

Anytime you make Thursday feel like Friday is a good thing. Until you go to bed at 12:30 on Thursday, and remember that you do still have to go to work the next day because it's only Friday in your mind.

Still, no regrets. Our good friends/neighbors introduced us to Josh Ritter and told us that we had to come see him with them. So glad they did!

After some faithful listening to the mix they gave us, we were excited to go see Josh and his joyful ways. He really is the happiest performer, just completely smiley and genuine the entire time.

It was impossible to not enjoy watching him. It's so fun to see people doing what they love. His band was loving it, too.

Thanks for introducing us to him, Toblers! And thanks even more for convincing Michael to come even though it was the night before one of his infamous tri-weekly Friday tests. That took some work.

But, he still rocked it guys. Maybe the concert took some of the pressure off? And made all the studying more effective? This could become a pre-test tradition!

(Chances of that happening: 0%)

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