Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thunder Over Louisville

We heard it was one of the best fireworks shows in America. So last Friday, we drove down to Louisville to catch the show and celebrate our anniversary weekend. Michael surprised me with a delicious Mayan dinner reminiscent of Puerto Vallarta, and we had shrimp ceviche for the first time since our honeymoon. We should have had 32 piƱa coladas like we did on our honeymoon too... but we didn't. 

That morning we went to the Louisville Kentucky LDS Temple with some friends. Michael's parents are at the temple every other weekend, so we love when our trips overlap with theirs. They were so nice to take us to lunch afterwards, and we had fun catching up. After that, Michael and I debated over which was more ghetto - changing our clothes in the Olive Garden bathroom, or in the car. We had differing opinions, so we just divided and conquered. (You guys, car is way more ghetto right? Right?) Then we drove close to the riverfront and prayed that we parked in a spot that would let us out of Louisville that night...we had heard some horror stories.

They had an airshow going on all day, and we loved it. Michael loved it much more. It took us a while to walk to the airshow because he wanted to stop and watch every plane on the way. We met up with a lot of our friends on the riverbank who were so nice to save everyone spots. (And bring extra blankets for the thoroughly unprepared and forgetful couples, which was only us. Dang it.) We killed time watching planes, laughing with friends, playing with their cute kids, eating delicious food, and watching the sunset over the river.

Then the fireworks started. I grew up thinking that the Opening Ceremony of the Utah Summer Games, one of Cedar City's many gems, had the best fireworks around. They really are good, you guys. Stadium of Fire was pretty good too, but somehow in my mind Cedar's still ranked higher (my love for Cedar is strong, and apparently beyond reason).

But these. These were like nothing I've ever seen. They went on and on, from barges on the river and off the bridge. Sparks flew as they landed in the water, and they blasted a great arrangement of America's favorite theme songs over all the speakers. It was you guys. I couldn't believe how great the fireworks were. Then, after an amazing "finale" that left us completely satisfied, they started them again. And THIS part was straight up crazy. They lit so many fireworks so fast for so long, it shook you. The sky filled up with smoke and almost hid the fireworks that were all competing for attention. It was incredible. 

After a few hours of waiting on the bank of the river, I had decided that it was a fun day but something we'd probably only do once. But after that fireworks finale....whoa. We will be there every year of our Midwest time. You should come.

We raced to the car after, and Michael took us straight down an oddly traffic-less road, right onto the freeway. There were no other cars, and no one in front of us as we crossed the bridge. Super odd, right? Then texts came pouring in from all our friends asking how to get home, because freeway entrances were closed. We still don't know 1) why Louisville wanted to close the freeways, 2) how the heck we found our way on so quick, and 3) if we did something illegal. ? We made it home in record time, people. 

So illegal or not, we're doing the very same thing next year. :)

p.s. Thanks to Heather for the photo of the fireworks, since my phone conveniently died right before the show!

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  1. 1. I change in my car all the time - you know this. Olive garden bathroom is waaay more ghetto.
    2. Was the fireworks show better than the Boston Pops 4th of July show? Cuz the way you described it sounded just like how I'd describe that!
    3. Are those your feet in the red shoes? DSW gift card my eye :)


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