Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good with the Bad

The good news is, little Chase is no longer afraid of us.

The bad news is, little Chase is no longer afraid of us. So he now follows me around constantly in his hyperactive state, and whines if he can't see one of us at all times. And he turned violent towards unsuspecting items of clothing.

The good news is, I love my kitchen wall.

The bad news is, it's STILL not done. Really, Maddie? Don't worry, I've given myself a deadline. (Again.)

The good news is, we finally have some sunny days and bright commutes.

The bad news is, those sunny days stole our excuses for being a little lazy around here...and now we really do have to train.

The good news is, I am doing considerably well in my efforts to curb my love for shopping.

The bad news is, I STILL miss these shoes I left at the shoe store weeks ago. Sigh.

Life is good, and this time of year is so incredibly nice. It's like everything is waking up again, and warm weather plans fill everyone's mind. 

All in all, no complaints around here. 

I mean, except the shoes. I really am mourning those shoes.

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