Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We love mail. We check it almost every day. And usually our box is 60% full of mail for people who never changed their address, but that doesn't even take away from our love for it. That's because some days you get gems like this:

A letter from my best friend, who's serving as a missionary in Wisconsin. I love her! And I have really missed her the last 12 months. Just 6 more months to go until we have one serious catch up phone call. Then to add to the joy of the letter, my friend from my DC internship group sent me this picture:

She is on the right, decorating cookies with two Sister Missionaries in her new place in Madison. The cute pink-scarfed missionary in the middle is my friend Kindal! I love that their paths crossed, and that I could see how happy they all look. 

It made me think of all the times I spend with missionaries out here in Indiana, whether we're eating dinner at our house or just driving them from here to there. It's fun to think about all the people who miss them and love them back home, and who would just love to see a picture of them or know what they're doing at the moment.

Missionaries are amazing.

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