Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference Weekend

We loved watching LDS General Conference this weekend. It started out on the highest note of all when they announced that my sweet home town, Cedar City, is getting its very own temple! I can't describe how happy that made my heart, instantly. Cedar has been hoping for a temple as long as I can remember (along with so many other places across the world), and my brother used to even say that he wouldn't get married until it was in the Cedar City temple. I'm sure that seven years of marriage and three kids later, he's glad he didn't stick to that goal. My parents drove by the temple site between conference sessions, and they said there were plenty of other people with the same idea. I am so excited to see what the Church does with their 23 new acres in the best city in America! (I'm not even biased.)

After a six-month break from our last Popsicle stick table experience, we went back to our conference activity of choice and started on number two. One Popsicle table is never enough, right? 

We're over halfway done, and I gave myself the same deadline I gave my kitchen wall. Spring has instilled a fresh determination in me to finish projects around here...(so I can start new ones). :) But to be honest, out of the things we built this weekend, that is not what I am most excited about...

THIS is a sneak peek at the new PANTRY we finally put together in our kitchen. We have had a cereal box/granola bar corner thing going on since we moved in, and it was almost starting to feel like that's a normal thing. But after checking Craigslist almost since October-ish, we finally found the one. It was a big moment. Especially because it came moments before we were about to buy a pantry that was more expensive, poorer quality, and from not-nice people. It isn't fun to give money to not-nice people. So, stay tuned for pictures of a kitchen with clean corners, coming soon. I know you're on the edge of your seat.

p.s. THIS was my very favorite talk from Conference this weekend. You can read, watch, or listen to the talks online if you missed any. Or dozed off a little. No judging here...we have some definite Saturday afternoon catching up to do.

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