Monday, April 15, 2013

Life Lessons

The things I learned (or re-learned) this weekend:

  • Gluing popsicles and spray painting are learned skills, because we had a much better experience with both those things for table #2. Nothing like our past spray painting experiences.
  • It's still not smart to spray paint at night though, no matter how excited you are to finish a project.
  • BYU students still play some of the best pranks I've ever heard of.
  • Church is so much more fun when we hang out with the Naylors and their cute kids there.
  • Rock band could potentially entertain us for hours, if we let it.
  • Eating pizza for two meals in one day is a good thing.
  • Eating an entire loaf of dilly bread by ourselves with this dinner is also a good thing.

  • Ending the weekend is easier when Monday starts out beautiful:
  • It is so hard to win concert tickets on the radio.
  • Family is more important than anything else.
  • These are serious contenders for my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, which I am on a quest for.

  • Grocery shopping without your wallet doesn't work.
  • If you're filling your cart with the same grocery list you filled it with 30 minutes prior (with a wallet now), it will take less than half the time. 
  • This is my new favorite skin care product - it has replaced both my face wash and face lotion for 5 days straight now. No lotion for 5 may not understand what a miracle that is, so just trust me.
  • I love bike rides.
  • This cat sleeps anywhere in any way for any amount of time. Sometimes I am so jealous of her life. Except for the being a cat part.
  • It is actually possible to feel sorry for Kobe Bryant...this one is huge.
  • Playing frisbee in our apartment complex has a magnetic effect on all little boys between the ages of 6 and 9 within 500 feet.
  • It seriously is so hard to win concert tickets on the radio. Two more weeks of trying.
  • And finally, my husband is so sweet and works so hard. But I already knew this one.


  1. Cute post! I loved the prank story! So. Funny.

    1. Oh Em. You were the first person I thought of when I read that. We would have loved witnessing that, right? So funny.


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